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Jewellery Creation

Fine jewellery is Maison Vitale’s DNA. It is the art of sublimating the world’s most beautiful gems with our family traditions.


Marvels from the seas

The Ocean ring

A high-quality ring inspired by the majestic dance of the waves, the « Ocean » ring is the fruit of hundreds of hours of state-of-the art craftsmanship carried out in our Italian workshops.

It is made up of a remarkable 34-carat opal set with over 750 blue and white diamonds for a total weight of more than 7 carats.

The Divine Ring

Inspired by the splendid Baroque period so dear to our roots, The Divine Ring is our representation of this subtle alchemy blending refinement and magnificence. This creation is composed of a sublime amethyst of more than 36 carats and is set with brilliants for a total weight of 2.38 carats.