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Alberto Vitale

Owner & Director

Fanny Blanchelande


Bruno Montaldi


Jana Zelez


Victoria Cellun


Valeria Hordiyenko


Alessandro Bernini


Francesca Polese



Tatiana Baryshnikova




About the brand

Currently Vitale 1913 is moving forward with new partnerships and opening to online world. Being online is the perfect ground to become successful locally and internationally.


The Rebirth

Renowned for his great success with investors and wanting to fully appreciate his family’s heritage, Alberto is dreaming about the rebirth of the Jewellery Maison VITALE. Collaborating with a young designer, sharing their know-how, love for the exceptional stones and the Haute Joaillerie was the beginning of the rebirth of the Maison VITALE.


The return to the Principality

In 1981, Licio VITALE is at the head of the family business. He falls under the charm of the beautiful and glamorous French Riviera. He loved sailing and set up his sailing yacht at the Port of Fontvieille in Monaco where he went regularly until the end of his days in 2008. Following the death of his father, Alberto decide to take the reins of the company.

Having traded for several years in Monaco, he decided to return to the business by applying his skills in finance, focusing on important Diamonds with high-investment value.


Exceptional Diamonds

Alberto and Licio, the son of Alberto who joined the family business, decided in the 1970s to launch in parallel the international trade of precious stones, more particularly focused on exceptional diamonds.

Thus, the VITALE will travel a lot from the 70s, in the ultimate quest to find for their wealthy customers the rarest and most precious gems and diamonds in the world.


The Beginning


Felice Scorcione, the Founder

The origins of the Vitale family lead us to the sumptuous Royal House of the Naples Palais Bourbon between 1600-1860 where the Vitale held a permanent place in the courtyard. But the history of Maison VITALE as Diamond Jeweller goes back four generations.

It all started at the wedding of Elisa and the young painter Felice Scorcione (Valenza 1882-1962) at the end of the 19th century. At that time, he worked for the Fiat Company in Turin as a transport painter but his strong desire to grow as an artist painter took him to Monte Carlo around the 1890s. Then, he became one of the few prized carriage painters in Monaco and regularly worked for the sovereign family of the Principality. Nowadays, some of his achievements can still be admired during historic cars exhibitions organized on the Rock.

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