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Vitale 1913 is proposing a vide selection of services that will enable you fully enjoy your valuables.


Providing vide range of gemstones for investments which are examined by experts in gemmology.
Investing in diamonds enables to diversify the investment portfolio.
Vitale 1913 provides advices and accompaniment when investing in precious gems.
Additionally, invested gemstones can be turned into your own exclusive piece of jewellery guided by Vitale 1913.

The creation

Team of jewellery experts will be at your disposal to provide advices and guidance through the whole
path to create a unique, customised and personalised piece of jewellery. Additionaly,
Vitale1913 provides a lifetime warranty to all products including small repairs or even re-sizing.


Our team of experts proposes our customers’ a precise idea of the value of your assets and its evolution.

Safe-deposit & Maintenance

Depositing valuables with Vitale 1913 will be instantlyavailable
for your use and regularly maintained (polishing,rodhiage, repairs etc).


Our collaboration with only premium insurance companies allows us to provide
secure transport of your assets all over the world.

Private workshop

Vitale 1913 offers a private one-day training courses in its showroom in Monaco to educate
individuals on the complexities of diamond investment and market trends. 
The courses are presented by GIA and HRD certified gemologists in
four languages – English, French, Italian and Russian.


Supporting an ambitious environment and facilitating the delivery of high standard
services to customers, Vitale 1913 is accepting cryptocurrency as one of the innovative
payment methods. Vitale 1913 is accepting Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and Stellar Lumens.
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