OUR vison 

To be the world’s leading Monaco jewellery brand, continuing the Vitale family legacy established in 1913. We create exquisite, timeless jewellery through innovation and sustainable Italian craftsmanship, inspiring confidence, beauty and empowerment in every customer while celebrating life's precious moments. Our unique Mediterranean identity and storytelling transform jewellery into dreams, embodying the essence of a distinguished lifestyle brand.

our values

At VITALE, our values are dedicated to embodying our unique savoir-faire, which combines personal integrity and professional ethics with agility in our approach to design and service. We pride ourselves on offering exclusivity through unique, one-of-a-kind pieces that stand out, ensuring each creation is a testament to our commitment to luxury, sophistication, and financial value. Our customer-focused philosophy guarantees personalised service and a memorable experience, making every interaction with VITALE as exceptional as the jewellery we craft.