10 Reasons Why You Should Own A Garnet Piece

There are many reasons why a garnet is one of the most beautiful semi-precious stones. Elegantly mysterious as its own deep red color; classy as every piece of jewelry that it’s carved in; strong…many are the reasons why we should own a garnet. However, if you still aren’t sure to make yourself with a piece of this stunning gem, you might need to look at these reasons to change your mind.

1| If you were born in January, you should have at least one garnet piece – it’s your birthday stone

Since the 15th century, the garnet has been January’s birthstone. On the zodiac, the garnet is also the stone for all the people born under the Aquarius sign.  

2| It’s an exceptionally diverse gemstone

The garnet is such a diverse gemstone. Although they are commonly known for its bloodish color, you can also find them in an extraordinary range of other hues. There are even specific garnets that depending on the lighting can change its color from blue to purple. The most popular ones are the green demantoid garnet, orange spessartite garnet, red pyrope garnet and pink rhodolite garnet.

3| The most famous piece of garnet jewelry is kept at a museum – in fact, at the Smithsonian’s National Gem Collection

The Smithsonian’s antique pyrope hair comb is one of the most famous pieces of garnet jewelry. This tiara-like jewel is known for its large rose-cut garnet that sits at the crest of the piece whilst being embellished with pyrope garnets that come from the historic mines of Bohemia, in the Czech Republic.

The Smithsonian Institution is the world’s largest museum and research complex. Located on the National Mall in Washington, D.C.,
In the Janet Annenberg Hooker Hall of Geology, Gems, and Minerals, the geometry and size of these topaz crystals capture visitors’ attention. Photo by Duncan Pay © GIA, courtesy The Smithsonian Institution.

4| It’s traditionally given on the 2nd wedding anniversary as a token of love

If you’re looking for your anniversary gift, then this might be the perfect occasion to gift your loved one with a garnet. It’s said that this semi-precious gemstone symbolizes eternal love, passion, purity, truth and compassion, which therefore brings constancy and endurability to the relationship.

5| It can be used as a natural healer for many body issues

Healers used the garnet as an aid to problems related to inflammation, circulation and heart – and even skin issues and depression.

6| It’s back on trend

Back in the 1500s, during the Victorian Era, this gemstone was known for being an absolute trend amongst the Bohemian jewelry. Everyone had at least a piece that had a garnet in it. It was not until the 1800s, when this semiprecious stone started to sink in popularity. However, interest in garnet jewelry has risen again, and nowadays designers are continuing to find new ways to incorporate this gem into jewelry pieces.

7| Garnet jewelry is the perfect jewelry to pass onto generations as this gemstone is an almost everlasting gemstone

This fiery semi-precious stone is known for having a potential to last for thousands of years – when it’s taken proper care of.  They’re durable due to their characteristic hardness which therefore makes them last longer.

8| It’s a cheaper alternative to ruby

The garnet has similar properties to the ruby, but for a much more affordable price. And it carries just like the ruby stone, the energies of passion, creativity and joy.

9| It can bring good luck – especially, on the professional side

Due to being such an energizing stone, garnet is often worn as a lucky charm – especially on what’s related to career luck. It’s said that this semiprecious gemstone can improve business relationships and spark a desire in people to work with you. It supposedly does that by intensifying feelings and desires, causing those who are considering hiring or working with you to move forward.

10| It can be capable of leveling up any look to a royalty level – as It’s been one of royal’s favorites for decades

Throughout decades, the garnet has been traditionally associated with royalty, especially in England’s royal family. They used the stones within their Royal robes, crowns and jewelry sets.  Back in the Bronze Age (300BC), the garnet was even used in burial jewelry and carved into signet rings to proclaim royalty.

Some of the royalty members most renowned garnet pieces belonged to Queen Victoria, it is a gold enamel and a garnet bodice brooch. However, Mary Queen of Scots was known for having a soft spot for garnet jewelry, making earrings, necklaces, brooches and rings carved with this semiprecious gemstone taking up a part of her precious jewelry case.

Besides its common use for jewelry, this semiprecious stone has also got a different use than for fashion issue – in fact, they used it for security reasons. Back in time, one of the ways royals used to protect themselves from poisoning was by dropping a garnet into the glass of wine they were going to drink from.

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