Everything you need to know to invest in diamonds with Vitale 1913

VITALE 1913 offers his clients investment solutions by providing the opportunity to acquire investment diamonds. Alberto Vitale, CEO of VITALE 1913, who has significant expertise in banking and financial investments, will therefore be able to give you personalized advice to purchase your first stone. 


The various economic, social, and health crises, such as the one we have been experiencing for several months now with Covid-19, have made investors aware that it is time to turn to more atypical investments. Often, gold, considered a haven, came first when investing a large amount of money, but now diamonds are proving to be particularly interesting.

Natural diamonds are precious stones extracted at extreme depths, between 140 and 190 kilometers deep under the Earth’s mantle. This natural resource is becoming increasingly scarce due to the intensive exploitation of the deposits. According to scientists, it takes billions of years for diamonds to form (between one and three billion years), which amounts to between 25% and 75% of the Earth’s age. Like all natural resources, the world’s diamond reserves are not infinite, and we are tending towards their depletion.

It makes the diamond particularly interesting when it comes to investing because many hope that the diamond soars’ price soars following the depletion of resources. Nevertheless, this is a tangible investment, which you can benefit from following its acquisition. Indeed, when you decide to invest in a diamond, there are several possibilities available to you. First, due to these precious stones’ impressive solidity, it is almost impossible to damage them. You can easily take advantage of your investment by setting the stone on a ring or necklace, for example, to take full advantage of it. Others prefer to put them in a safe and let them rest between five and fifteen years before selling them and hope to achieve a good surplus value. Then diamonds do not lose their value; on the opposite, it increases with time. Therefore, it is the way to leave a beautiful heritage, to be passed on from generation to generation.


How to invest in diamonds?


To buy an investment diamond, it is essential to go through a jeweler, expert who will accompany you throughout this investment process. The diamond market is so closed and inaccessible to the general public that an expert’s help will be of great help to you. 

There are several things to consider before you cross the threshold. First, make sure that your stone has a certificate of authenticity issued by a laboratory recognized as the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) or the HRD Antwerp, which references the expertise of stones worldwide. The laboratories give a unique identification number to each stone inscribed on the laser stone belt.

Besides, the 4C: Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat, are also essential characteristics to bear in mind when acquiring your diamond. Do not go for a colour below G, but rather for a colorless diamond. The most beautiful colors are D, E, and F. Prefer round shapes, easy to resell, rather than more fancy conditions such as the heart or the marquise, more complicated to resale. Oval shapes and cushions are also a great success, especially in the United States, but this enthusiasm for these cuts is again starting to be felt in Europe. (Rapaport Magazine, August 2020 Issue). The prices of these diamonds are established by Rapaport and transmitted to professionals only each month. It is also imperative to consider the proportion and size that must be “excellent” so that diamonds can capture and reflect light and shine brightly. Finally, choose a good quality diamond for your investment, from VVS2 to FL, that is with very little or no inclusions in your stone, visible to the naked eye.

Obviously, buying a diamond by yourself is not that simple. That’s why VITALE 1913 wants to support you throughout your purchasing process. We will prevent you from falling into the diamond industry’s pitfalls, such as buying a synthetic diamond instead of a natural diamond, for instance. According to your requests, VITALE 1913 is committed to its customers to seek the best possible quality of stone at the best prices. The diamonds supplied by VITALE 1913 respect the Kimberley process. We strive to work more and more with eco-friendly suppliers to protect Human and Environmental Rights throughout our supply chain.

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