VITALE 1913: A Wave of Magic in The Principality of Monaco


VITALE 1913 is a Monaco-based high-jewelry company with a heritage dating back to the early 20th Century in Valenza, Italy. Ever since the company has been connecting its customers to the art of jewelry through the most beautiful creations. Today they offer bespoke pieces, impressive diamonds, and color stones, bringing its unique vision and know-how to the clients. So, let’s discover the wonderful world of VITALE 1913.


When Alberto Domenico Vitale, the company’s CEO, took over his family business in 2008, he has settled in an elegant showroom in Monaco, the luxury capital of the French Riviera. Bringing together four generations of heritage, history and outstanding craftsmanship, the workshop was kept in Valenza, the cradle of Transalpine jewellery. This new beginning inspired fresh but yet luxurious, bespoke jewellery creations at VITALE 1913.

The bespoke jewellery is one of the many services offered by the company and probably the most exciting. It is highly personal to the client, offering an opportunity to translate their vision into authentic jewellery pieces that will make them feel unique. The designs are developed according to the clients’ desires and budget, predefined with Mr Vitale in person. In a memorable experience in the showroom, a team of designers are at your disposal to advise and develop jewels which you would not find anywhere else.

Aware that valuable jewels can prove to be a heavy burden when it comes to travelling, VITALE 1913 offers various solutions for jewels transportation during travels. They are committed to transporting your stones, jewellery, and watches worldwide to bring an all-encompassed service, allowing you to travel with a lighter spirit. 

The Covid-19 pandemic is proving to be a challenging period during which VITALE 1913 took the opportunity to make better use of its resources. Keen to always offer the best possible service to its customers, Alberto Vitale has rethought the business model, mixing innovation, technology and exceptional know-how. His High-Jewellery vision led him to set up new offers and exclusive premium services to meet his customers’ expectations. The company built a stronger connection with its clients, fulfilling the single needs that came with the pandemic and offering them a personal and engaging experience as it used to be in the showroom. For VITALE 1913, it was crucial to show its clients that even facing the health crisis, the company was still moving forward.

Forced to stay at home a significant part of 2020 and now in 2021, VITALE 1913 launched its e-commerce website last November 2020, enabling clients to browse online for jewellery. They also increased their online presence through Instagram. Through this channel, VITALE 1913 also allows clients to purchase its entry-level items. 

VITALE 1913 has recently done a beautiful photoshoot onboard the magnificent yacht M/Y SARASTAR, managed by Camper & Nicholsons, in the heart of Monte-Carlo, featuring their primary collection called Oceans Treasures. The Ocean Treasures collection is a tribute to the ocean, and VITALE 1913 is very committed to this cause. Indeed, a percentage of the sales goes to the Foundation of Prince Albert II of Monacoto fight for oceans’ protection.

Moreover, according to the Rapaport price list, which is the only trusted diamond price list globally, VITALE 1913 offers investment diamonds. Each stone is delivered with a certificate issued by the most famous gem laboratories such as GIA or HRD. All the gemstones acquired by the company have a unique ‘conflict-free guarantee’ as they follow theKimberley Process standards. 

Bringing his finance experience, Alberto Vitale presented a real opportunity to investors by exploring high-quality diamonds as an opportunity to diversify their portfolios. By offering an asset with lower volatility in times of more significant unease in the broader market – increasing the sense of security as diamonds historically have rarely lost in value. Besides, they are also showcasing some diamonds on their e-boutique, and you can even send a price request if you’re keen to invest. 

As opportunities were brought along by Covid-19 last year, between March and June 2020, diamond prices decreased from 10% to 15% leading to Alberto Vitale recommending to his friends and clients to buy them as it was a good investment.

Looking deeper into the diamond market, Alberto Vitale explains that particular precious stones, such as pink, blue and some yellow diamonds, increase because of their scarcity. Many diamonds were sold last year at auction, emphasizing that diamonds are continuously growing in popularity. Also, Alberto Vitale noticed that more people are now interested in diamonds, which was a positive impact of the health crisis. 

Special thanks to The Art Of Luxury Magazine and his editor-in-chief Anthony Holter for sharing this story about Vitale 1913.

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